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Communication and Coaching for Leaders


This experiential program focuses on the interpersonal aspects of leadership and is relevant for all levels of management. Through group exercises and simulations, participating managers and supervisors will learn essential techniques for providing direction, coaching, and feedback to enable their employees to improve performance and function cooperatively as a team.

Participants will also explore their personal communication and leadership styles and will learn how these styles can be modified to more effectively respond to diverse personalities and changing circumstances in the workplace.

The facilitator’s guide and exercises are customized to include examples and settings relevant to your specific work environment and management group.

Topics covered

  • Characteristics of effective leaders
  • Active listening
  • Barriers to communication
  • Providing and accepting feedback
  • Understanding and modifying leadership styles
  • Communication styles and interaction
  • Managing emotions
  • Managing workplace conflict
  • Problem solving
  • Communicating standards and expectations
  • Coaching performance
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