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Live Virtual Training:
Prevent Harassment, Bullying & Violence in the Workplace – Employee Training


No workplace is immune to harassment, bullying and violence. It can occur in any workplace to any employee. Employers must maintain a harassment-free work environment and take action if a worker is being harassed, bullied or discriminated against, or involved in a violent situation, by another worker or supervisor, a customer, member of the public, agent of the employer, or contractor.

Our ‘Prevent Harassment, Bullying & Violence in the Workplace’ is a 2.5 hour virtual, instructor-led training session for employees, presented using an online platform such as Zoom or Skype. This program can help ensure compliance with human rights legislation and the Occupational Health & Safety Act, and avoid costly complaints.

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Our live virtual Prevent Harassment, Bullying & Violence in the Workplace session for employees covers:

  • Respect & Civility (including 15 minute video)
  • Harassment and the Law (Liability and Responsibility)
  • Types of Harassment and Bullying
  • Impact of Harassment
  • What to do if you are Harassed, Bullied or Target of Violence (including Bystander Intervention)
  • Discrimination and Bias
  • Violence in the Workplace
  • Building and Maintaining a Respectful Workplace


Harassment in the workplace can be a major issue for the employer and workers:

  • It can affect productivity, morale, absenteeism and the general health and well-being of workers and the workplace.
  • Harassment is against the law! Provincial and federal human rights legislation covers all employers in Canada; it is a very powerful piece of legislation that generally has primacy over all other laws.
  • Liability – both individuals and organizations can be held liable for workplace harassment.


Employee Learning Objectives

  1. Describe a respectful and safe workplace;
  2. Identify harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, and violent behaviours;
  3. Differentiate between harassment and non-harassment behaviours;
  4. Understand the rights and responsibilities of employees and the employer, and repercussions if the behaviour continues;
  5. Identify ways you can change your behaviour in order to promote and maintain a harassment free environment.


Takeaway: Employees will be provided with a comprehensive Participant Guide as a resource.

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Human rights law states that all workers have the right to work in an environment
free from harassment and discrimination.

Each of us is responsible for a respectful and safe workplace!

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