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Team Interventions – Facilitated Dialogue

HR Proactive Inc. can customize programs for teams that require intervention, transformation of culture, morale improvement and dispute resolution.

Respectful and professional relationships are a key component to ensuring the attainment of the vision and goals of your workplace.

A respectful and inclusive organizational culture contributes positively to effective client/customer relationships and achieving business goals.

Organizational Development support includes, but is not limited, to serving as a resource for:

  • Innovative approaches to effective team interventions;
  • Developing assessment processes and tools that are respectful, confidential and aligned with the workplace culture;
  • Assisting and supporting team leaders in understanding the changes required to positively impact team dynamics;
  • Developing concrete action plans to evolve team dynamics;
  • Providing One-on-One coaching and mentoring for team leaders; and,
  • Facilitating group dialogue, team-building, and conflict resolution.

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