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Live Virtual Instructor-Led Training:
Bystander Intervention Workshop

Overview Empower your employees to be the first line of defence against harassment/bullying and violence. How we respond to these situations sets the tone for what we will tolerate and deem as acceptable behaviour. We may instinctively want to help the victim(s) but we hold back. Our 2.5 hour virtual, instructor-led Bystander Intervention Workshop will help employees […]

Live Virtual Training: Cultural Sensitivity
Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace –
Employee Training

In today’s #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter era, many organizations are implementing Cultural Sensitivity Training including Unconscious Bias and Diversity & Inclusion as part of a holistic approach to preventing harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Our Cultural Sensitivity: Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace training is a half-day virtual, instructor-led training session for employees, presented using an online platform such as Zoom or […]

Management Skills Training – Instructor-Led

Effective Management Series The Effective Management Series consists of a number of interactive and connected modules that will require participants to take control of their learning through self-assessment, active in-class participation and completion of out-of class assignments. The objective of the effective management series is to increase participants’ awareness of their strengths and weaknesses as […]

Canada-Wide Live Virtual
Respectful Workplace Training

Overview A respectful workplace is one where every worker is free to contribute to their maximum potential regardless of race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, family status or disability, and where workers are valued and supported by the company, their supervisors, and their co-workers. Respectful Workplace training will help employees recognize […]

Live Virtual Training:
Investigating Harassment Complaints in the Workplace

Overview Our ‘Investigating Harassment Complaints in the Workplace’ training is a one-day instructor-led virtual workshop for employers who want to train managers, human resources personnel and others who are responsible for handling employee harassment complaints and internal investigations. Our live virtual training workshop covers: Legal Framework: Human Rights Code and Occupational Health and Safety Act Legal Standards and Burdens of […]

Live Virtual Training:
Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Employee & Manager Training

There is no workplace in Canada where sexual harassment is not against the law. Sexual harassment in the workplace can have significant and adverse impact on both the employer and employees: it can negatively affect productivity, morale, absenteeism and the general health and well-being of employees in the workplace. Our Live Virtual Prevent Sexual Harassment in […]

Live Virtual Training:
Prevent Harassment, Bullying & Violence in the Workplace – Manager Training

Overview Supervisors exercise responsibility on behalf of the company and play a large part in creating a respectful work environment that promotes a workplace that is free of discrimination, harassment, bullying and violence. Our Live Virtual Prevent Harassment, Bullying & Violence in the Workplace Training for Managers is a three (3) hour instructor-led information session presented using […]

Communication and Coaching for Leaders

Overview This experiential program focuses on the interpersonal aspects of leadership and is relevant for all levels of management. Through group exercises and simulations, participating managers and supervisors will learn essential techniques for providing direction, coaching, and feedback to enable their employees to improve performance and function cooperatively as a team. Participants will also explore […]

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